Complex Problems. Simplified Solutions.
Meet the Odyssey Advisors Team

Parker Elmore

A.S.A., M.A.A.A., F.C.A., E.A.

As President and CEO of Odyssey Advisors, Parker Elmore is dedicated to quality service, expertise, and efficiency.

Francis Fraine

Actuarial Consultant

As Director of Operations at Odyssey Advisors Francis is excited to utilize a decade of industry experience to assist the Odyssey team in developing solutions to client problems in a complete and efficient manner.

Kurtis Thompson

Consulting Actuary
A.S.A, M.A.A.A.

Kurtis joined the Odyssey Advisors team in September, 2013 and is passionate about helping clients solve their retirement benefit issues so that they can have the retirement they have dreamed of.

Sarah Rothenberg

Consulting Actuary
A.S.A, M.A.A.A.

Sarah joined the Odyssey Advisors team in February, 2016. She works with clients to value their retiree medical, dental, and life insurance benefits.

Kirby Prigioni

Marketing Analyst

As Odyssey Advisor’s Marketing Analyst since early 2015, Kirby Prigioni manages Odyssey’s marketing outreach.

Samantha Schneider

Actuarial Consultant

Before coming to Odyssey Advisors, Samantha was a high school math teacher. She uses her education background to make sure clients understand the often complex world of retirement benefits.

Andrew Taggart

Consulting Actuary

Andrew joined the Odyssey Advisors team in September, 2018.  He works with clients to create and administer retirement benefit plans.


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